New Generation of Brokerage Software: Client Area, Back-office, and CRM

Profit Center FX has introduced a new generation of advanced software. The software package is designed to help Forex brokers and financial companies to:

◻ Effectively manage clients trading in the foreign exchange market

◻ Increase deposits conversion

◻ Administer the business

Today’s review will focus on such software products as client area, back-office, and CRM. These IT solutions are created taking into account various business models. They can be easily integrated into the software package of a brokerage company.

Client Area Profit Center FX

The client’s account is the first place a user sees when interacts with a brokerage. Therefore, it is vital that the software has comfortable navigation and combines the most critical functions in one place.

Profit Center FX Client Area has an advanced interface and offers users:

◻ An intuitive procedure for passing AML/KYC verification

◻ Easy process of depositing

◻ detailed history of transactions

◻ a wide variety of popular payment methods

◻ information about the balances of trading accounts

The developers have placed only the vital controls. This approach provides clients with the best user experience and positively affects the trading activity.

Profit Center FX CRM

The primary purpose of using CRM is to automate and simplify most of the routine customer interaction processes. In turn, the employees of a brokerage company improve the quality of service and the level of customer loyalty.

Profit Center FX CRM is a powerful tool for tangibly increasing sales and stimulating further account deposits. This is achieved by allowing company employees to access primary customer data in one place.

As a result, brokerage companies:

◻ Increase customer loyalty

◻ Cross-sell

◻ Convert existing customers into new services and products

◻ Conduct effective advertising campaigns

Instant Adaptation to Any Business Model

Each brokerage business has its funnel or sales cycle setup. The same applies to the specifics of interaction with the customer base and the requirements for information in the client card.

Profit Center FX CRM has a flexible system of settings. A broker can customize:

◻ Stages of the funnel

◻ Individual funnels for each department

◻ Lead statuses for different stages of the funnel

◻ A detailed set of data types in the client’s card

◻ Mandatory filing of fields at various stages

◻ Import and export of lead data settings

◻ Settings of access rights

◻ The level of priority of employees in the distribution of leads

Effective Customer Development and Retention

Brokerage companies are often faced with the problem of customer retention and loyalty development. Thanks to the CRM integration with the Profit Center FX back-office, a customer card contains all the necessary information in one place:

◻ Personal information

◻ Trading activity

◻ Balance of accounts

Thus, managers no longer need to spend time searching and collecting information from various departments. An employee can find all the necessary data in one place.

As a result, a client – receives top-quality service from a manager, and the brokerage – gets an increase in profits.

Advanced Reporting System

CRM allows a broker to generate up to 16 types of informative reports, including:

◻ Stages of interaction with clients

◻ The amount of investment

◻ Effectiveness of landing pages

◻ The results of the work of the unit or individual manager, and so on.

The efficiency of the reporting system is achieved since a Forex broker can get a detailed report on:

◻ Financial indicators of the business

◻ Sales funnels

◻ Managers

◻ Departments

◻ Traffic sources

Data Protection System

Profit Center FX CRM can be integrated with the trading platform, brokerage database, and external traffic sources. Processing such information requires a high degree of protection against unauthorized data imports. To do this, the Profit Center FX developers offer advanced security algorithms:

1.  Detailed setting of access rights. Each employee of the company gets access to the database taking into account individual user rights. The administrator can also activate 2FA (two-step authentication) and control the devices that employees use to log into CRM.

2. Overlay a mask. Customer contact information is protected with a special mask by default. A user data table does not disclose the total amount of information about the profiles. Company employees cannot take screenshots and massively copy user data.

3. Special encryption protocols. A user database also has special protection based on advanced encryption protocols.

Fully Integrated with Profit Center FX Software

Profit Center FX CRM can be integrated with IP telephony. Managers can call clients of the company with one click and without leaving the system. CRM also keeps records of conversations between a manager and a client. This helps to achieve a high level of service and responsive user experience.

Profit Center FX Back-office

This IT solution for brokerage business is used for administration of:

◻ Access rights

◻ Price flows

◻ Clients’ cash and bonus funds

◻ Liquidity providers (LPs)

◻ Trading sessions

◻ AML/KYC processes

◻ Financial transactions

The Profit Center FX back-office has a flexible system of access rights settings for both company employees and clients. This software is a crucial part of the brokerage and consists of various components, including:

⚫ Trading server

⚫ ECN server

⚫ Market-making server and Liquidity Aggregator

⚫ Quotation server

⚫ Report server

⚫Proxy and balancing server

⚫ Server for copying deals


⚫ Modules for connecting to exchanges and LPs

⚫ Program interfaces (API) for integration with third-party services (CRM, Client-Bank, AML services, etc.).

If you are interested in developing a high-margin brokerage business – contact Profit Center FX right away!

Profit Center FX offers comfortable software integration for Forex brokers and financial companies. Don’t miss the opportunity to start your brokerage in 3 weeks!

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