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Trading platformCrypto walletCRM
Crypto Exchange 2-in-1

Trading platform

(Web platform + Trader's account + Copy Trading module)

Increase trading platform to increase conversions and average check of your clients. The platform is popular with both beginners and experienced traders. Due to the simplified interface, the first users open their deals within five minutes after getting to know the platform.


CRM is designed specifically for the brokerage business and is easily customizable for all business processes. It is fully integrated with the trading platform.

Brokerage companywebsite

Get a branded website for your company with a unique design in two weeks.

Built-in trading widgets, a trader's calculator, a block with economic news.

Payment Solutions

(Crypto wallet + PSP)

Seamless platform integration with payment solution.


What is included in your "White Label" solution for Forex trading platforms?

The package includes a trading platform for FOREX, CFD, Crypto-brokers, Banks and Exchanges. The platform has a built-in crypto wallet and a trader's personal account. For companies operate in financial markets, a special CRM system has been created.

What trading platforms can be bundled with your "White Lable" solution?

Our offer includes the delivery of the Profit Center FX trading platform of our own design. Additionally, we can discuss the possibility of integration with other trading platforms, such as MT4, MT5 of developers MetaQuotes, cTrader, etc.

On what Operating Systems can your trading platform be installed?

The Profit Center FX trading platform is delivered as a web application for both computers and mobile devices. Desktop versions are available for Windows, macOS, as well as application for Android and iOS.

Can I brand my broker?

Branding "White Label" includes the logo development in accordance with your chosen corporate identity. The logo will be placed on your company's website, in your personal account, in CRM and on the trading platform.

What payment solutions are included in the delivery "White Label"?

We have more than 50 ready integrations with payment systems and solutions. If you need to connect with PSPs that are not on our list, we will make the integration as soon as possible.

All IT solutions for the brokerage business


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