Incredible Corporate Party Dedicated to The Programmers’ Day

Incredible Corporate Party Dedicated to The Programmers’ Day

So, autumn has come, coming up with rains, a slight melancholy, and a little depressive mood. Undoubtedly, this early fall blues does not coincide with work, as it all comes with fatigue, a bad mood, and other downsides.

Imagine that one day, some friends came out of the blue, bursting into your monotonous life, offering to drag you out of the city into the woods to let the good times roll. This reserves for you a few exciting games, and all kinds of laughter and of entertainment.

Incredible as it may seem, these friends are your everyday colleagues and upper management guys who joke around and have fun with you. It’s the company’s party! This is far from just outdoor rest, and it’s a crucial part of a team-building activity. Let me put it all plainly and simply.

Today, we are all placed in remote work conditions – pure and simple. On the bright side, this is convenient and comfortable. On the down side, any team risks becoming a list of loners, while only a few stick to a common company’s goals.

The firm’s successes can quickly turn into a semblance of circular firing squad efforts. Indeed, it should work as an organic body, where the overall result depends on the quality of everyone’s work.

In such a company as Profit Center FX, the activities of multiple departments and products development processes are closely intersected. The simple truth is that this very interconnection must be strengthened and maintained at personal and emotional levels. Employees should feel real support form one another, in the moments of need and bad luck. This year, we decided to clear the hurdles through a change of scenery and enjoy leisure pursuits productively.

This years’ the corporate party was held in picturesque places near Kyiv. The company reserved an outstanding hotel for the whole team with all the means for rest and work. Some employees from different offices arrived by Friday afternoon. Remarkably the bulk of us only saw each other on monitors.

Right after everyone had refreshed on the way, we moved to a conference hall to hear upper management’s words devoted to discussing the company’s results. Top managers talked about strategy and tactics, the record-breaking results of the current year, and plans for the future periods.

One by one, the heads of departments shared how each of departments progressed, what they managed to achieve, and what prospects they were going to pursue. Such a kind of report was a crucial piece of information for all of us! This way, we clearly understood the company’s goals and the results we were planning to achieve.

Next, we moved to a semi-official part with delicious dinner and everyday talks. We chatted and even played a board game. It was very unusual and exciting for all of us! Very few people wanted to end such a pleasant evening, so we all left late.

The following day was announced as an active one. The Profit Center FX team moved deeper into the forest where real adventures stayed ahead. The “Adventure Academy” guys kept us busy for the whole day. They prepared lots of complex tasks that only a well-coordinated team of like-minded people could handle.

Part of the forest has been turned into a mixture of an amusement park with an obstacle course. We were divided into teams. In the meantime, only joint efforts let us cope with the tasks. The challenges were structured that way, so that it was possible to accomplish them only altogether. It was necessary to figure out how to do it in the most quick and efficient way and then bring the plan to fruition to overcome the obstacles.

There were no managers and subordinates, and top management performed tasks on a par with frontline employees. By the way, our executives have established themselves as born leaders.

They undertook to organize the process, but they performed tasks at the forefront and helped the whole team. They really knocked socks off when it was necessary to overcome a wall with a height of 4.5 meters. Vitaly – our CEO, was the first to climb up and pulled the whole team up one by one.

Everything was entertaining and emotional. Later, we were all tired but satisfied. We gathered around the fire and shared our impressions. Everyone’s eyes burned with bright delight and positivity.

We all shared something inspiring and pleasant on the whole new level. This was the moment when we all felt to be a part of something larger than a company. Together, we were a single team that was capable of anything, ready to fulfill any ambitious tasks and become a top brand.

Later, we relaxed at the hotel. Some missed no opportunities to switch off at the sauna, and others simply rested and discussed this incredible day. The following day, we went to our homes to grasp the importance of shared goals with a new charge of positiveness.

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