CRM Updates, September 2021

CRM Updates, September 2021

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What’s new: 

  • A new option to view scheduled events for subordinate employees in the calendar. One must have the appropriate access rights to view these events. 
  • A new function for bulk data editing in lead fields. 
  • A new screening function. As of now, a client can provide access to screen sharing at the request of an employee. 
  • A new option enables to set up a single time zone for all employees in CRM. The working hours of all employees and dates will be displayed in a single time zone.  
  • We optimized the number of fields by structuring them with tree components. You can select a child element with one click, and the parent fields will be filled in automatically. 
  • New mandatory fields settings. Data will be added to CRM only after filling in the required fields. 
  • We added a new function for displaying duplicate leads in a lead card. 
  • New quick filters for all data tables. Now, you can combine several quick filters and a global filter to find the required data instantly. 

New CRM features in the next update: 

  • New pre-configured database selections. 
  • We’ll add a “Recycle Bin” feature so that a client’s data can be restored after deletion. 
  • Add pop-up notifications informing employees about assigning a new lead, a lead (client) entering the platform, an incoming call, and upcoming events in the calendar. 
  • We’ll add a page with a list of employees using IP telephony. 
  • New call management functionality. 
  • A new feature that will enable employees to move to a page with new leads quickly. 
  • We’ll add a call statistics feature. 
  • We’ll add a new feature to the “call report,” enabling you to appoint a responsible employee and change the status of a lead. 
  • A new option to switch to a lead card during a call. 
  • We’ll add the option to restrict the rights to download call records. 
  • A new function of dialing the next lead from the call report without switching between other tabs. 
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