CRM updates in release 4.1

We are pleased to inform you about a series of CRM system updates, designed to make your work easier and more organized. Our development team is constantly introducing new functions to accommodate all of your wishes and needs.

New features:

Created a pre-configured funnel for working with contacts/leads/clients

To simplify the interaction of CRM users, we created a pre-installed funnel: contacts, leads, customers. The database is now automatically allocated. Information about a potential client without a designated employee in charge is in the “Contact” section. When a responsible employee is appointed, the “Contact” is transferred to the “Leads” section. After the Lead has registered on the platform, it is transferred to the “Clients” section.


Added “contacts/leads/clients bin” section to the menu

After deleting a contact/lead/client, the card goes to the bin, and if necessary, you can restore the deleted information.

Added employee notifications about events in CRM

Now employees can enable or disable the notifications concerning the appointment of a new lead, about the client’s entry to the platform, notification of an incoming call, as well as reminders of the scheduled events in the calendar.

Added a subsection “Operators” to the “Employee Management” section

The subsection “Operators” displays all of the employees who have the access to the IP-Telephony. For each employee, his current status is displayed: “online”, “offline”, “active conversation”. At the moment of displaying the status of an employee “Active Conversation”, it is possible to connect to the call for listening to the conversation, prompting, creating a conference, or forwarding the call to another manager.

The menu section now includes “Home” section

Now the following subsections are displayed in the employee’s dashboard:

With new leads. The responsible employee can see new leads that have been assigned to him

Scheduled calls. In the dashboard, an employee can see leads for whom calls were planned. 

Table with the last calls

Added the “Call Statistics” section to the “Statistics” menu

Now CRM users can get statistics of calls for an organization unit or manager. You can get a report over a specified time on the calls made, the number of dials, calls, call duration and the number of unique numbers.

In the settings of the “Call statistics” menu, you can configure the display of the required data, as well as download the report in CSV format.

Added notification with a report on the call made

When the conversation with the lead/client ends, a notification appears with a report on the call made, which includes the ability to change the lead’s status or reassign to the corresponding employee.

Simplified employee’s access to the lead/customer information

Now, during a conversation with a lead/client, an employee can click on the name of the lead and open a menu with his card. 

Added in the permission’s settings the ability to disable access to download calls for any access level.

A Predefined division of customers by a referral code in CRM

When registering on the platform, a client enters a referral code, which automatically enters the organizational unit (office, department, team).

Improved permission settings

Now it is possible to select options for setting the permissions to transfer and join calls for operators.

Improved the settings of access for employees to edit comments.

Improved search function by the client ID

Now you can enter an unlimited number of lead’s IDs in the search bar, for this, you just need to enter the lead’s IDs separated by commas and space and click the search button.

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