CRM for brokeragebusiness

CRM functionality for brokers

  • Reliable security system.
  • Flexible configuration for the needs of the brokerage business
  • IP telephony
  • Statistics
  • Calendar and notifications
  • ScreenSharing
  • API Forms
  • Program for calculating bonuses for sales-managers

Profit Center FX - Making trading

simple and easy

API for integration with

Trading platform
IP telephony
Lead generators

We have developed an API protocol to automate working with customer contacts obtained from advertising sources.

The API protocol allows you to easily integrate with the systems of lead generation contractors, receive leads in real-time, and transfer a lead processing status to the ad traffic provider.

Beyond that, CRM integrates with IP telephony, making it possible to make calls right from the system and store call records with clients.

Customer development and retention

The trader's card contains full investment and trading, personal and working information on the trader.

The Screensharing feature allows a client to split the screen with a sales manager and get help with running the platform.


Informative reports
  • Stages and statuses of work with clients.
  • Clients' investment amount.
  • The effectiveness of landing pages.
  • Operating results of a department or a particular manager.
Report in the context of
  • Financial performance of the business.
  • Sales funnels.
  • A manager.
  • Units or a traffic source.

Data security

  • Two-factor user authentication with device bounding feature.
  • Each CRM user gets access to the database following their user rights.
  • A mask protects customer contact information. It is not displayed in the table without an additional click, making it impossible to provide a bulk copy of the database from the user's computer screen.
  • A user database is protected by special encryption protocols at the software level, securing user data even if a database is copied.

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