VISA Vs. MasterCard: Which One to Choose?

VISA Vs. MasterCard: Which One to Choose?

Both payment systems are the most prominent brands on the world stage. You may have noticed that when contacting the bank for issuing another plastic card, a client manager often asks the question: “VISA or MasterCard”?

Both services are suitable for processing debit and credit cards and can also be used for online payments worldwide. What is the real difference between these two, and which system is best for your customers?

Basic Similarities and Differences

According to official information, the headquarters of both services are located in the United States. Bank cards connected to these providers are used by more than 20,000 banks serving clients in 200 countries.

Even though VISA and MasterCard have approximately the same transaction processing speed and a high level of protection, their main difference is the currency conversion conditions. Additional conversion means additional costs for customers, and this point should be given special attention.

Initially, the base currency for VISA payments was the US dollar. Meanwhile, MasterCard allowed cardholders to make payments in euros and dollars, depending on the host country.

Currently, banking institutions independently negotiate with payment services and offer customers various currencies for payments, including dollars, rubles, or euros.

No less critical differences between payment services are the terms of partner offers for cardholders. However, in this case, the rules are set by the banking institutions themselves.

For example, Raiffeisenbank allows a MasterCard holder to automatically accumulate air miles and spend them on tickets, hotel accommodation, or airport transfers. The same service in the Asian markets offers customers additional discounts on purchases in the largest shopping centers. Meanwhile, VISA is actively promoting premium service at airports, as well as providing convenient cashback programs.


Both payment systems offer safe and comfortable services for online payments. The choice of a particular method depends on the business objectives of a brokerage company and the conditions that the banking institution has.

In any case, VISA and MasterCard will ensure uninterrupted receipt of payments from customers using bank cards to deposit funds. Therefore, study the T&Cs for integrating services on a brokerage website and the terms of a bank commission where you opened the account.

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