Trade Server by Profit Center FX: Reliability and Fast Integration Guaranteed!

Trade Server by Profit Center FX

The trading server by Profit Center FX is a high-precision software product responsible for: 

⚫ Convergence of traders’ transactions with each other and liquidity providers (LPs) 

⚫ Control of trading risks 

⚫ Processing and transmission of quotes 

⚫ Storing trading history 

Platform Performance and Scalability 

The most important advantage of the software from Profit Center FX is that the trading server and the quote server are two separate structures. But what’s more important for the brokerage: 

⚫ The trading server can process 1 million trades/second. 

⚫ The quote server can process 1 million quotes per second. 

⚫ The trading server and the quotes server can be configured individually for each trading instrument and taking into account the company’s goals 

Order Routing 

The order routing mechanism is part of the trade server. The software receives orders from traders and directs them to places of execution. This component of the system provides links to various LPs through “bridges to liquidity providers.” 

The order routing mechanism allows hedging clients’ trades based on programmed rules. 

Key Features: 

⚪ Hedging strategy automation 

⚪ Processing the transaction and sending it to the place of execution in less than 100 nanoseconds 

⚪ Performance of more than 1,000,000 trades per second 

⚪ Support for Limit, Stop, Market, IOC, GTC, Day, FOK, OCO, Trailing Stops, and other types of orders 

⚪ Support for partial execution 

⚪ Support for Last Look execution 

⚪ Support for FX, CFDs, indices, and supplied cryptocurrencies 

⚪ Support for parallel routing with multiple performers 

⚪ Connection of several liquidity providers through one trading terminal 

Order Execution 

The order execution mechanism is part of the trading server. It matches traders’ orders with each other. 

Profit Center FX’s matching engine works according to the standard price-to-time algorithm. This means that the first order will be executed at the best price. 

Each limit order placed by a client is sent to the book of orders. If this limit order meets another client order (market or limit), the transaction will be matched, resulting in direct trading between the two clients. 

Key features of the Profit Center FX matching engine: 

⚪ Execution speed of more than 1,000,000 transactions per second 

⚪ Execution delay less than 100 nanoseconds 

⚪ Book of orders with full or limited market depth 

⚪ Support for a wide range of order types 

⚪ Support for the execution of FX, CFDs, indices, and supplied cryptocurrencies 

Liquidity Aggregator 

The Profit Center FX trading platform is part of the trading server. The liquidity aggregator aggregates quotes from several LPs into a single price stream. 

Profit Center FX software provides end-users with the best execution prices available and mitigates the risk of low liquidity in times of market volatility. 

Key software features: 

⚪ Instant placement of orders, taking into account the quality of their execution 

⚪ Aggregation of the best offer (for clients) in the book of orders  

⚪ Setting up aggregated liquidity depending on the order size (VWAP aggregation) 

⚪ The option to integrate with a clearing account opened with Prime Broker or with an account with LPs for self-clearing 

⚪ An aggregated liquidity distribution book provided to traders with full or limited market depth 

⚪ Support for Limit, Stop, Market, IOC, GTC, Day, FOK, OCO, Trailing Stops, and other types of orders 

Quote Server 

The quote server consists of a ticker base and a quotes archive. When a user requests archived data, it sends the data in a compressed form to minimize the load on the communication channel. This simple yet highly effective technology allows the server to provide each user with up to 2 million bars in any requested period. 

Forex brokers can effectively serve up to 2500 simultaneously connected traders using only 1 Gb of the Internet channel. In this case, the term of the quotation received by each trader will not exceed 50-60 milliseconds.  

The Profit Center FX trading platform can provide your clients with highly accurate quotes, resulting in better execution and a higher trading experience. 

The quote server is designed to be installed for each currency pair (or group of currency pairs). Thus, Forex brokers can scale their trading infrastructure to any size. 

Key Features: 

⚪ No restrictions on quotations 

⚪ Effective use of the communication channel 

⚪ Up to 2 million bars on any chart (ticks, minutes, hours, etc.) 


The Profit Center FX trading server is a reliable and high-precision brokerage software. The IT product instantly converges customer transactions and provides them with the best market price. 

If you want to increase conversion and attract more clients, choose Profit Center FX software. The company is a reliable integrator of software solutions for Forex/CFD/ Crypto brokers with over 9 years under the belt. 

Our experience and professional development team are ready to offer: 

⚪ Advanced brokerage software (including the trading platform, CRM, back-office, client area, crypto wallet, ECN, etc.) 

⚪ Fast software integration for your business 

⚪ Turnkey solution – launching a high-margin brokerage business in 3 weeks! 

Profit Center FX is a reliable partner offering the best software proven its effectiveness in more than 200 successful projects worldwide! 

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