Space Investments: How to Make Money in a New Market Niche

Space Investments: How to Make Money in a New Market Niche

Thoughtful investing in the stock market means making an endless choice of profitable assets, market sectors, and industries. For some time, Internet startups were the future-proof sources of investment income. Later on, they were replaced by technology industries, biotechnology, and the pharmaceutical industry. 

Financial analysts are still arguing about the next holder of a top profitable market niche. Meanwhile, the most promising one is the commercial space industry.  

Investing in stocks of companies that develop services related to space flights is an exciting and promising tool for making a profit. Our experts have selected four promising companies with the highest growth potential. 

Virgin Galactic 

Richard Branson’s project is actively raising investment, not only because of the big name of the founder. This company specializes in space tourism and is actively developing other related business areas. 

For example, the brand is investing in building a space telescope, which may replace Hubble in the future. Virgin Galactic posted a nine percent revenue growth in 2020 and renewed its tourist space travel license this year. 

Despite intense competition on the side of Jeff Bezos’ project, the shares of Virgin Galactic provide traders with an excellent investment opportunity.  


Few on the market know that this world-famous corporation has long been represented in the space industry. However, the first rocket to fly a man to the moon had a Boeing launch stage.  

Currently, the company’s efforts aim to develop a new super-heavy rocket that will deliver cargo and people into deep space. If the goal is a long-term investment in securities, Boeing can be an excellent asset to the investment portfolio. 


Trimble specializes in the design and manufacture of GPS equipment, surveying instruments, and control systems. It invests in space exploration, and a steady stream of government orders from the US government and the Pentagon keeps the stock going up. 

Lockheed Martin 

Another giant of the global industry is Lockheed Martin. The order flow of this corporation is 70% provided by the defense budget of the United States. Lockheed Martin is actively investing in the development of projects that would bring astronauts to the moon.  


Earning money from investments in the aerospace industry is not a myth but a reality. The development of this segment means the emergence of many promising projects in the next 5-10 years. 

Now the market is still at low levels, allowing you to choose a comfortable entry point.  

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