Pros of a Trader’s Room in The Forex Market

Pros of a Trader's Room in The Forex Market

A trader’s room is one of the most critical sections of a brokerage website. It is necessary to connect a client to the company’s services and to collect other statistics. The use of the software by the company’s clients involves the passage of a mandatory registration procedure with an indication of a particular list of data, including:

⚪ Name and surname

⚪ Phone number

⚪ Email

⚪ Login and password

Today’s article will consider what role a trader’s room plays in brokerage activities and the software’s main features.

Features of a Trader’s Room for A Brokerage

Forex brokers are licensed intermediaries that provide clients with access to trade in financial markets, including Forex, crypto, and the traditional stock market. That is why software for a brokerage company must ensure the maximum security of clients’ personal and financial data.

The same goes for the trader’s room. When registering, a user specifies all sensitive data and must ensure that a brokerage company guarantees their safe storage.

For example, the Profit Center FX – professional software developer and integrator has created a trader’s room that fully complies with the norms and requirements of the international KYC and AML policies. We are talking about international standards required to combat fraud and money laundering.

Given this, brokers who use professional software developed by Profit Center FX receive the following benefits:

⚪ The fast and reliable verification process for each client

⚪ Secure storage of personal data of users

⚪ Option to integrate any number of payment solutions

⚪ Intuitive interface

Trader’s Room: New User Registration

Registering a user in the Forex account is one of the first steps a client goes through before accessing a brokerage company’s services. Almost all brokers place the “Register” button or “Sign Up” a new account in the most visible place on the site’s main page.

After a client clicks on this button, the system will offer to fill out a short form and go through the initial registration. Keep in mind that if you want to increase the conversion of leads, the registration form should not contain too many fields in the first stage of registration.

It is recommended that after clicking on the “Register” button, a user only needs to specify the following data:

⚪ Mobile phone number or email (to receive a verification code and confirm registration)

⚪ A password for further entering an account and setting the required list of personal and financial data.

⚪ After a client registers an account and enters the personal profile, the system will automatically ask for additional data to pass the verification procedure.

Functionality of Trader’s Room

A trader’s room is a vital component of the software package necessary for running a brokerage. A software solution should have simple and intuitive functionality that will allow customers to use all the available functions without contacting the helpdesk for assistance.

For example, a trader’s room by Profit Center FX includes the following features:

⚪ Make a deposit

⚪ Withdraw of funds

⚪ A complete history of all financial transactions

⚪ Choice of payment solutions

⚪ Support button

The option to change your login, password, personal data, and so on.

Trader’s Room by Profit Center FX

Thanks to convenient navigation and a modern interface, a trader does not have to search for the necessary information for a long time – everything is in plain sight. The developers took into account the experience of real users and eliminated ineffective elements to ensure a high speed of transition between tabs.

The high functionality of the product is achieved due to:

⚪ Integration of various payment systems

⚪ Two-factor user authentication (2FA) feature

⚪ The simple and understandable ID verification procedure

⚪ The ability to generate detailed reports for each trade operation

⚪ A broker can also selectively select the AML/KYC levels setting so that a user has access to certain platform functionality, depending on the IDs provided.

If you want to increase clients’ deposits, it is better to use professional software from an experienced developer.

In this case, you can be 100% sure of the client’s financial data security. What’s more, the trader’s room can offer any number of payment solutions. These factors can increase the efficiency of a Forex broker in the shortest possible time.

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