Payment Solution for Business: LIQPAY

Payment Solution for Business: LIQPAY

PrivatBank created this payment system in 2008. The service’s primary goal is to quickly and safely transfer funds from one account to another from anywhere in the world. From a technical point of view, the mechanism for transferring funds looks plain and simple.

The details of a user’s card are tied to the mobile number. It enables a client to make any number of transactions 24/7. It also made it possible to withdraw funds from an e-wallet to a bank card instantly.

Here are some of the critical benefits of Liqpay:

  • Fast transfer of funds. A business owner can independently choose the frequency of receipt of funds to a bank account, and it can be instant online payments or transfer of funds for the next day.
  • A wide variety of payment methods. The service offers more than seven payment methods and the option to customize the design of the payment page. In addition, a business owner can connect an additional service and receive messages about all transactions.
  • Advanced security. Liqpay developers take all necessary security measures and improve the service, which fully complies with such security certificates as PCI DSS level 1, Mastercard SecureCode, and Verified by VISA.

As conceived by the developers, the system was supposed to compete with such eminent services as WebMoney or PayPal. That is why the service supports various currency pairs and allows you to send funds 24/7.

A client only needs to know the recipient’s mobile phone number to send the corresponding transfer. It is noteworthy that a user receives an SMS about crediting funds, even if one has not been registered as a member of the Liqpay system.

Since its inception, the service has acquired dozens of new functions. Now companies only need to install a Liqpay app to accept payments with instant credit. The app also allows a client to effectively use various channels for confirming the sending of funds, including:

  • QR code
  • Face ID
  • Geolocation
  • Bank account number

Benefits of Using a Payment Solution

Liqpay is a one-stop service that offers a wide variety of payment methods. Masterpass is one of the most popular instruments so far. This service allows you to pay by bank card operating in the MasterCard system without the need to specify all user data. All you need is to register a wallet and select the appropriate bank card.

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