Our history

Our history

Profit Center FX is an integrator of advanced IT solutions for brokerage and stock trading. We are constantly expanding the list of our products and services considering the market development and customer preferences. 

Today, our portfolio includes more than 250 brokerage projects in 9 countries around the globe. 

What we offered to our clients: 

2012 – 2015 

A high-performance ECN platform with ultra-low latency for the US market. 

The functionality of the ECN platform allowed processing over 1 million orders and 1 million quotes per second. The total order processing time was less than 100 nanoseconds. 

Trading platform and Back Office for US and UK institutional investors. 

Web and Mobile versions of the trading platform for clients in Europe and Asia. 


A full-fledged “Turnkey brokerage business” service. We started selling a software package solution that included Web, Mobile, and Desktop trading platforms, CRM, client cabinet, partner cabinet, and the functionality of simple integration with payment services. 

We have developed a business plan for various brokerage business models based on the experience of more than 50 successful broker companies from 14 countries around the world. 

We started providing consulting services. 

2017 – 2018 

The platform for mining contracts. The product allowed clients of companies that provided cloud mining services to trade mining servers among themselves. 

“Crypto Exchange 2 in 1” IT-solution, with a set of unique features designed to improve the efficiency of both traders and exchange owners. 

2019 -2020 

We have offered our clients a new version of the platform for exchange and margin trading. We’ve updated the design and provided better usability. 

“Investment strategies” service. 

Updated CRM with extended functionality. 

ECN platform for retail brokers. 

Our clients and we are used to working ahead of time. FinTech solutions are developing rapidly, and the primacy goes to those who use innovations in business and technology. That is why we offer solutions of tomorrow so that our customers become leaders today. 

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