New CRM updates were implemented in July 2021

New CRM updates were implemented in July 2021

We are pleased to inform you about the latest updates in the Profit Center FX CRM. Periodic updates allowed us to achieve maximum performance and significantly increased the entire range of software solutions for the brokerage. 

New CRM updates were implemented in July 2021. The software updates include several improvements to the security of customer data and user experience. 

Improvements affected the following fields: 

◻ CRM security. 

◻ Reports. 

◻ Calendar integration. 

◻ Bundle of leads and calendar. 

◻ Client status displaying in real-time. 

◻ Consolidation of tabs and restructuring of the lead page. 

◻ Adding filtering feature considering lead activities. 

◻ Transfer of rights levels to a separate section. 

◻ Adding the function levels copy. 

◻ Mass binding of employees to the access level. 

◻ Check-boxes have been changed to radio buttons – for a better visual display of the access rights structure. 

◻ New adaptive layout. 

Hence Forex/CFD/Crypto brokers get some new features: 

◻ Database encryption. 

◻ 2FA for employee login. 

◻ Device fingerprint check. 

◻ Applying a mask to the required fields. 

◻ Setting trigger rules with account blocking option in case of violation. 

◻ Reports on statistics of offices, landing pages, traffic managers, employees, stages of funnels, and statuses. 

◻ Built-in calendar to create events and receive reminders for scheduled events. 

◻ Option to create scheduled events by lead. 

◻ CRM shows a manager when a client enters the platform. The manager receives a notification when the lead has entered the platform and can open the lead page with one click. 

◻ Comments and quick action buttons are now accessible from any tab on the lead page. 

◻ Quick view of the primary levels of employee rights in tabular form. 

◻ CRM is adapted to work on screens with various resolutions. 

About Profit Center FX CRM 

Profit Center FX CRM is used by many forex brokers, market makers, and major exchanges. Our company offers the best execution and individual interface customization, full integration with the trading platform, and comfortable use.  

For more information about brokerage software solutions by Profit Center FX CRM, contact us 

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