Mobile Trading 

Mobile Trading

The arrival of cryptocurrency assets on the market has accelerated the transition to trading from the phone. The circumstances were prosperous: a relatively cheap broadband Internet appeared globally just at the time of the massive launch of blockchain technology. It allowed Forex and crypto brokers to increase their client base significantly. 

Meanwhile, the main task of software developers, and in particular Profit Center FX, was to create a software shell that would suit any brokerage needs. 

The telegraph revolutionized the transaction system, and mobile apps eliminated the need to trade while sitting in front of a PC monitor. 

Essential Attributes of Mobile Trading 

The program must be 100% compatible and support easy migration between platforms. This is the main factor that any broker offering mobile trading should consider. 

Trading on a desktop, tablet, and smartphone should be equally comfortable. Returning to the IT products created by Profit Center FX, it is worth paying particular attention to the trading platform, which is presented in the three most popular versions: 

⚪ Mobile 

⚪ Desktop 

⚪ Web 

Moreover, the peculiarity of the platform is that the developers have simplified the complex terminology. They also made the functionality as simple and understandable as possible for beginners. A client can start trading without wasting time learning how to trade and studying the platform’s functionality. 

Ubiquitous Connectivity 

Trading on a phone shouldn’t waste too much mobile data. The amount of packet data in plans of most mobile operators is still limited. Therefore, high-quality software should be able to optimize traffic and ensure uninterrupted trading 24/7. 

Demo Version for Trading On the Phone 

No free broker product supports the full functionality at the same time as the stability of the connection. However, having a demo version of the product is a vital element. Imagine that a client has decided to switch from another trading platform. In this case, the demo version of the trading terminal will help a user see the advantages offered by a brokerage company. 

Mobile Trading: Pros and Cons 

The main issues when trading from a smartphone are related to the design of the basic application and the platform’s technical limitations. 

Here are the reasons why traders have not yet massively switched to trading from the phone: 

⚪ Ping. Cellular operators periodically experience problems minimizing ping. Clients of brokerage companies that trade in cryptocurrency especially suffer from these speed changes. Trading via the phone, in this case, turns into a real headache. 

⚪ Trading from the phone is still limited to a certain degree. New smartphones support a split-screen feature – one can open multiple windows at the same time. But the compactness of the screen makes it challenging to fit the interface. Therefore, simultaneously launching several trading clients is a bad idea. A smartphone can freeze at the most crucial moment. 

⚪ Ergonomics. Online trading from a phone is an industry that has fallen short of PC standards yet. The mobile platform window is always overloaded with small navigation elements, indicators, and markers. A significant number of controls on a large screen is only a plus, but it is already a challenge for a small touch gadget. 

However, all of the listed disadvantages are crossed out by the following arguments: 

⚪  Timely notification of a sharp change in the price of an instrument 

⚪  The ability to buy or sell an instrument at any time 

⚪  Trading from anywhere in the world 

⚪  Simple procedure for depositing an account 

The software for the brokerage business will increasingly focus on the mobile market – the segment of mobile gadgets is growing the fastest. A proportional increase in trading from the phone is also expected. 

Can I Use the Web Platform to Trade from My Phone? 

Trading in the browser version of the platform is nothing new. But even for large phablet phones, this idea already seems dubious. Far from every web admin makes a website for brokers lightweight or mobile-friendly. 

Profit Center FX offers new mobile-friendly philosophy. Any of the three versions of the trading platform looks equally user-friendly. 

Therefore, it is better to entrust the development and integration of a mobile platform to Profit Center FX professionals. This way, you can ensure that trading via the phone will result in your clients’ unique and rewarding experience. 

Profit Center FX strives to provide brokerage software that will run smoothly on any portable device. Setting up notifications is always much clearer than through the standard options in Chrome. 

Active Brands of Software for Trading from The Phone 

The already mentioned MediaTrader turned out to be the most downloaded shell. All third-party projects in one way or another copy or try to inherit the design of MT4 as the most popular implementation of online trading in general. 

However, in recent years, traders have been trying to use alternative software, as delays in MT are becoming more and more. The current task of the developers for 2021 and beyond is to implement the entire library of MT4 and MT5 scripts for online trading on the phone through branded mobile apps. Perhaps this is the right decision, but it is unlikely to affect the application’s speed positively. 

The mobile version of the trading platform by Profit Center FX for online trading on the phone is one of the most reliable ones for trading in Forex and crypto markets. The software has excellent ergonomics and easy navigation. Most importantly, all the most important buttons are always at hand. This means that clients will be able to fund their accounts and trade from charts in one click! 


Forex and crypto markets are very dynamic. Therefore, clients need a tool to get round-the-clock access to their accounts and trading instruments. 

Trading from the phone is a long-term trend that will continue to gain momentum. Accordingly, brokers need to focus on mobile trading platforms that take into account clients’ real needs. 

Profit Center FX’s mobile version of the platform does not require download and installation, and the system requirements are perfect for most Android and iOS gadgets. 

The mobile trading platform by Profit Center FX is the best balance of reliability, speed, and convenience for your clients. 

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