Financial Services Solution: PayU

Financial Services Solution: PayU

The service is an online acquiring that allows businesses to organize the receipt of funds sent by customers via:

  • E-wallets
  • Bank cards
  • Terminals
  • Internet banking and so on

B2B clients can install a payment widget on the home page of the site. This will significantly increase the conversion of payments and receive funds sent from mobile devices.

Advanced PayU Functionality

Key payment platform options:

  • Acquiring for businesses, including airlines, insurance, and travel companies. The service offers to use a popular tool called “Payment by link.” You can send a link to a client for online payment via email, SMS, online chat, or messages on social networks. After clicking on the link, a user goes to the payment page with the already specified amount and account number.
  • Acquiring for online stores. For example, business owners can offer their clients the option “Regular payments.” Set up the regularity and logic of withdrawing funds from the card. A user only needs to save the financial data once so that the system automatically generates an account and debits funds on a corresponding day. Bank card data will be appropriately protected, as the service fully complies with all PCI DSS security standards.
  • Refunds. If a service or product does not match the description or a buyer did not receive the service on time, the PayU service has a refund function.

Basic T&Cs of Cooperation with PayU

The company representatives indicate that the payment solution can be connected to the partners’ website within 24 hours. A client must have a legal entity and an official website.

A web resource must meet the following requirements:

  • The site must contain information that includes the full name of the company, legal and actual addresses, and contact details
  • The website of the online store must be hosted on a paid server
  • The list of services or goods indicated on the website must completely coincide with the list of goods or services listed in the request for connecting to the system
  • Each service or product must have a detailed description, characteristics, and price
  • The website must specify in detail the conditions for the refund
  • The payment section must contain the logos and full names of each service used to receive funds from customers.
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