CRM updates in release 4.2

We are pleased to inform our customers about new updates Profit Center FX CRM system in the January iteration. What’s new: 

Added functionality for registering and creating a lead account in the CRM. 

The “Platform data” block is now placed in the “Trading” tab, which is located in the lead card. Lead data is automatically inserted in the registration form, after which an auto-login link is generated to be send to the client.   

Key point: A lead can be registered only once on each platform connected to the CRM. If the lead already has an account, the “Register to platform” button will not appear on the screen.  

When the lead is currently online, the «Request Screen Demonstration» button appears in the upperright corner`s kebab-menu. 

The lead becomes a client if he makes a deposit.  

Multi-platform is an important feature developed for clients to help them scale their businesses. 

The connected trading platforms are managed in the “Administration and Settings” section. Added options to disable synchronization for a specified time, as well as to delete any of the platforms, including the records associated with these. 

When the platform is deleted from the CRM, the data cards of leads, contacts, and customers remain in the system. You are able to use this data when adding a new platform to the CRM. 

The «Create a lead» form has been improved. 

Although the lead is created manually, the funnel, stage, and status in this form are automatically filled in, taking the employee’s right to access the funnels into account.

The counter of the currently selected lines appeared. 

You can now see the number of records marked with checkboxes in the table header. 

The option to hide the SMS mailing button appears in the «Employees access level» section. 

If an employee doesn`t have permission to send marketing messages to customers, the SMS sending function will be unavailable. 

Due to numerous requests from customers, the «Country» field has been modified.

Now you can see the pre-filled list of countries instead of manual entry. When sending these leads, partners can enter both a full country name and a code in ISO2 format in the card. 

Have been changed the settings of the access levels to the reports. 

A possibility to provide or take away a particular employee`s access to the groups of statistical reports is added. 

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