Changes to the terminal (platform)

Added “Margin Call Notification”

Now when a certain level of margin is reached, the trader will receive a notification that to prevent the trade closure by a stop out, the wallet must be topped up.

Pop-up notification when pending deals are changed

A newly added confirmation alert will pop up should the pending orders be changed. When the pending orders are changed or edited, whether it is price, volume or both parameters, a new pop-up notification will appear informing the user of the changes made to the pending order.

Notification of the absence of pending orders for deletion

When attempting to close the trades, a notification will appear stating “No pending trades to remove”. The following feature was set to improve client’s experience with the platform, as system will let the client know that there are no pending orders to be closed.

The function of saving a template of applied indicators

New platform function – a feature to apply previously used and saved indicators. Once the indicators are applied, the template can be saved, and it can be applied at any time during the trading analysis. Should the need to conduct trade analysis arise, a button will allow applying saved settings (templates) from a pool of indicators.

Checking compatibility and deleting uploaded files

Included file compatibility check and ability to remove an uploaded file during the process of uploading documents for verification. In the “Profile” tab, the tab includes size and supported formats notification – 10MB and the following formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF.

Improving the procedure for uploading images to the Manager’s profile

Updated procedure to upload profile photo and photo of the strategy during the process of forming a manager’s profile. The division in the “steps” is as follows: first, the profile photo of the trader is uploaded, followed by the photo of the strategy, in 2 different tabs.

Minor bugs and fixes for an improved user-friendly experience and usability of the platform.

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