Certus Finance: Unique Processing for Startups

Certus Finance: Unique Processing for Startups

Naturally, a brokerage company that starts its journey always has more questions than actual answers, and this is especially true for accepting payments from customers on the website.

The most crucial step for a broker is to find payment services that will agree to cooperate with a Forex project without prior payment history. Certus Finance is one of the few companies that offers unique conditions for aspiring brokers.

Benefits of Payment Service

Here are some crucial benefits to look out for:

  • Profitable and straightforward processing. The brand offers favorable conditions for startup companies that are at the initial stage of business development.
  • Guaranteed connection. To maximize chances of connecting to the service, a brokerage company will need to provide all the necessary legal entity documents, a written business plan, and a website that meets all the requirements.
  • A unique turnkey payment solution. Brokers can independently choose payment options that best suit their business goals. On the other hand, companies can choose a complete package of payment instruments in a convenient turnkey solution.

Wide Functionality of a Personal Account

A personal account is one of the critical elements of a payment solution. Forex brokers can receive data on all completed and ongoing financial processes in a few clicks.

This includes operations such as:

  • Refund
  • Instant payments
  • Confirmation of the transaction
  • Successful transactions

Business owners can also generate multi-dimensional reports with detailed analysis of payment indicators for more efficient business development planning.

Advanced Security System

The personal account also has detailed risk management settings. Brokers can independently set additional security settings, as well as form the so-called “blacklists.”

Denylists will allow you to block unscrupulous clients, bank cards, and other data. More importantly, the functionality of the personal account has a convenient data filtering system. You will be able to make instant selections and adjust processing rules based on business needs.


Certus Finance is a reliable service that is perfect for beginner Forex brokers. The service has comprehensive functionality and offers one of the most favorable conditions for integrating payment solutions on the website of a brokerage firm.

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