Brokerage Lead Generation: How to Get Leads Correctly?

The lead generation process is one of the essential tasks for a brokerage. The Forex segment is still a high-margin business with the market competition growing every day. That is why timely maintenance of a stable level of customer conversion is considered a strategic task for brokers.

A user does not buy the service and becomes a client at the same minute. Therefore, the brokerage company needs to warm up the client and turn him into a potential buyer – a lead.

While running a customer capture, entrepreneurs resort to cunning. Each company develops and strives to implement its strategy for getting clients and further converting.

Still, there is a list of universal methods used to get leads proven to be effective.

Who Are Leads?

Leads are potential clients who are interested in the services of a brokerage company. If a user takes a targeted action, including filling out a questionnaire or requesting a callback – a user is your potential lead.

Brokers use various ways to attract the attention of users and then convert them into actual customers. Therefore, the lead acquisition is the first step in the sales funnel.

Lead Classification

Depending on the targeted actions and genuine interest, leads can be divided into the following main categories:

⚪ Cold leads – users who first heard about your company and are interested in the proposed product or service. They show no need to buy services. They can contact the company to get more information, learn more about a trading platform, or ask questions.

⚪ Warm leads – people who already know about your brand and are familiar with the services. They might subscribe to your pages on social networks or receive e-mail/Telegram notifications.

⚪ Hot Leads – clients who are ready to make a deposit, download software, and start trading.

⚪ Bad leads – users who accidentally left a request on your website or followed a link in the Telegram channel. They may not be interested in your services at all.

What Affects Lead Generation?

Depending on the segment and the specifics of the business, the complexity of attracting customers may differ. The list of factors affecting lead generation for a brokerage includes the following parameters:

⚪ The complexity of the product. If you offer an expensive or non-standard service, and closing the deal requires several stages, it instantly complicates getting customers. You will need to generate interest with additional sales tools. These can be newsletters, training materials, and so on.

⚪ Time frame for making a decision. If the deal includes too many touchpoints, the task is much more difficult for the sales department.

⚪ High competition. Track competitors’ actions, study their promotions, and analyze sales channels. Do your best to find out how market leaders engage leads and strive to keep up with them.

⚪ The level of demand. You may be offering a highly specialized service that is rarely looked for on the net. In this case, try using near-topic queries.

⚪ Channels of interaction. Studying the behavior of the target audience (TA) should be an ongoing process. A brokerage company must thoroughly check the target audience and the channels where potential clients are looking for brokerage services. These channels can be search queries, Telegram channels, social networks, or forums.

Lead Generation

We did not dwell on such standard tools as filling out a form or ordering a callback. Let’s look at the more highly specialized lead generation channels relevant to the brokerage.

Collecting Leads On the Site

Add pop-ups calling to leave contacts.

Develop and add an attractive offer, including:

⚪ Unique monthly promotions

⚪ Registration bonus

⚪ Bonus for making a deposit and so on

Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a bonus that is transferred to a user for leaving contact information.

As a lead magnet tool, some brokers use:

⚪ Mini gifts for passing a short test

⚪ Product demos

⚪ Free access to premium service for a limited period


This simple yet effective tool is a multi-channel widget. The chatbot is used as a virtual assistant who is in touch 24/7. Your clients no longer need to wait until an actual operator can provide advice or answer standard questions.

Consult with experts in creating chatbots and add to the appropriate widget for social networks and instant messengers. Be sure to work out the settings for the scripts to collect additional information about your customers.

Tips to follow:

⚪ Think about a way to motivate subscribers to share additional data about themselves

⚪ Help to understand your services or information about the brokerage company

⚪ Guide a user through the desired sales funnels and convert him/her into a real customer

Use Analytics Services

Add dedicated analytics services to your site to track customer actions in real-time. In this case, you will be able to follow all clicks and transitions between different tabs. This will allow sales managers to understand better what information a client is interested in and close deals more efficiently.


In order not to stand still and develop, a business must use personal tools for attracting leads. To turn a potential buyer of a service into a real client, a brokerage company can use tools such as:

  • CPA networks (buying leads)
  • Contextual and targeted advertising
  • Training materials
  • Promotion on social networks and so on

It is essential to pay attention to such an indicator as CPL (cost per lead). This will allow you to track the channels that are generating leads cheaper than other sources. Media that will be too expensive can be turned off at any time so that you can focus on more affordable sources of lead generation.

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