Best Trading Platforms 2021: Stocks and Forex

Best Trading Platforms 2021: Stocks and Forex

A broker must responsibly choose a trading platform for its users. Traders appreciate the maximum number of assets for trading and high speed, clear commissions, and quick deposit features. What’s more, a trading terminal should be compatible with both PC and mobile devices.

The Best Trading Platforms for Stock Trading

Leading brokers work with reliable software providers, including Profit Center FX, TradoLogics, Etoro, XCritical, Pandats, Leverate, B2Broker, XTrade. The services are popular among brokerage companies that pursue the goal of providing a vast pool of opportunities for traders and increasing the level of comfort.

So, let’s move to the list of top products available today. Consider the popular trading terminals as they 100% meet the requirements of the stock market.


A platform developed in Novosibirsk by ARQA Technologies. You can trade on the Moscow and St. Petersburg stock exchanges, ICE, CME, NYSE, NASDAQ. Some experts point out a high level of protection against hacking because of using a crypto key.

Traders often prefer to use the terminal because they can trade algorithmically. Programming in the QUIK language allows you to sell on the stock market automatically with third-party software.


The advantage of the platform on the stock market is in the expanded possibilities for working with clients’ orders. Traders will be able to create pending orders and trade in a semi-automatic mode. In this case, a user can carry out graphical analysis with a fantastic set of built-in tools.

There is a news feed and all popular technical indicators. The ATF language will allow you to create trading bots and set up automated trading algorithms.

Alpha direct

A universal platform for the stock market from Alfa-Bank, which has a lot of handy features. Traders can quickly diversify risks, as the program displays information about the share of each instrument in the active portfolio. It is possible to analyze the accumulated coupon income from bond receipts.

The order book is located right in the order creation window. It allows you to quickly look at each asset’s trading volumes, demand, and supply.


The platform provides access to Russian stock exchanges. The program’s open-source code will allow traders to work with bots and automate the opening and closing of orders.

Algorithmic trading is incredibly convenient. The only drawback is an outdated interface, which needs a significant update to become user-friendly.

Ricom Trade

The trading platform has a sleek and user-friendly design. All user accounts are gathered in one tab. Still, you can create additional work areas for each new order. The only drawback is the lack of the software version for Mac OS X.

Top One to Choose in 2021

Russian brokers often prefer software from QUICK. The software can be considered a proven one and is very convenient for traders quite literally. The terminal is suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

The Best Trading Platforms for Forex

Forex market maintains leadership in liquidity due to the ability to open and close orders around the clock. Meanwhile, the trading instruments available differ upwards from the stock market. Our experts have learned the opinion of top-level brokers and have collected the best software for providing brokerage services.

Trading Platform by Profit Center FX

It is highly accurate software that allows clients to trade from anywhere in the world. The trading platform was implemented in 2 of the most popular solutions, namely: Web and Mobile. The multilingual terminal allows you to trade with more than 3000 trading instruments that are updated in real-time.

Due to its high processing speed and intuitive interface, the trading platform can become a highly effective Forex trading tool for beginners and experienced traders. All complex stock terms have been replaced with intuitive and easy-to-understand words. This has significantly reduced the time between account creation and trading.

MetaTrader 4/5

Some companies prefer to provide users with the two latest versions of the terminal for the Forex exchange: MT4 and MT5. As for Forex trading, you can install both programs and check which design suits you the best – all other features are almost the same.

MT4 offers a customizable interface, the feature to open multiple windows, and tons of charting and technical analysis tools. MetaTrader 4 does not support the web version but is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

The disadvantage is the inability to open opposite positions, which levels out the possibility of applying some trading strategies.


An excellent platform that is popular with foreign brokers, especially Asian ones. The interface is minimal and straightforward so that beginners can figure it out much faster. Though, there are not enough built-in tools for graphical analysis. The software works in both manual and automatic modes and supports the creation of robots.


Trading terminal with an emphasis on the ability to work in a browser. The platform does not need to be installed on a PC. Still, it can be used on a smartphone or tablet. The software works great with the stock and derivatives markets and shows a high speed of trading operations.

The Top One in 2021

Most brokers prefer the software by Profit Center FX. This platform can undoubtedly be considered a proven software successfully used by 200+ brokerage companies in 9 countries.

The terminal is perfect for both beginners and experienced users. That’s why it became wildly viral among Forex brokers in the CIS segment.

H2 Platforms for trading in the American stock markets


The terminal supports most of the popular types of orders and can work with trailing stop orders. It is possible to connect a “graphical ladder” to orders. An excellent option for those who want to see the second level of quotes and quickly sort by the options board.


The developers have created a platform for professional traders who need a vast pool of tools and high speed without failures. You can access the second level of quotes and trade with a great library of securities at once. This one is an excellent option for trading on the American stock market.

What is a Trading Platform Anyway?

Due to the small start-up capital, most Forex traders cannot start trading on the Russian, European, Asian, and American stock markets. Therefore, users actively use the services of brokers.

Brokerage companies process orders from clients that come through trading terminals. Using specialized platforms, a trader can:

⚪ Fund an account for further trading

⚪ Open or close deals

⚪ Analyze the history of all trade operations

⚪ See current quotes

⚪ Interact with the Forex exchange and so on

Previously, Forex trading required a trader to be constantly present at the broker’s office or communicate by phone. Because of this, the trading process was slower, and often a good deal could be missed.

Now trading terminals make it possible to open orders for transactions through a broker using a PC or smartphone. Companies need to remember that most clients prefer to trade “on the go” using their smartphones.

Although the PC also has several advantages, including a large screen that allows you to switch between tabs and easily analyze the graph.

What functions should a trading platform have?

The number of active users of a broker directly depends on the functionality and usability of the trading platform. Customers do not want to work with an application or website without the necessary tools or regular system freezes.

There are several basic requirements:

⚪ Low-latency work. The trading terminal should work smoothly despite the presence of an extensive trading assets line. Liquidity can constantly change, but the profit of the brokerage company’s clients depends on it. Even a second delay can cost too much.

⚪ Extensive library of tools for analysis and trading bots. It is necessary to provide traders with all available means to make trading more engaging. Note, newcomers do not want to waste time manually processing each transaction.


There is no perfect trading platform for everything – each trader has their own needs for assets, interface, speed of work. Experts recommend brokers carefully read the available options and choose terminals that meet the requirements of modern trading. If you need to catch both beginners and pro traders, opt for Profit Center FX product. The platform offers a professional set of tools for analyses and simple trading terminology for more engaging trading.

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