PayMaster Payment Service

The platform provides a service for accepting payments using various methods, including: 

  • Bank cards 
  • Ground terminals 
  • E-wallets 
  • Online banking 
  • Financial transfers, and so on 

Today, we will run through some benefits of this payment solution. What’s more, we’ll check how it can help brokerage companies instantly receive and deposit funds from clients and distribute them to other accounts. 

Benefits of PayMaster 

High data security standards are far from the only advantage of the payment solution.  

Service hits include: 

  • A free connection and minimal commissions. The service commission is only 2% – the lowest commission percentage on the market today. 
  • A simple solution covers lots of payment methods. The list of payment methods is constantly expanding. Once you add new payment instruments to your website, you can integrate them with PayMaster in 15 minutes. More importantly, you do not need to conclude an additional agreement to connect to a new payment method. 
  • Daily transactions of funds. PayMaster transfers customer funds to your bank account daily. 
  • High-quality technical support. The company’s technical specialists help connect the service to a broker’s website ASAP. Next, the support department will provide comprehensive advice on using the payment service on a brokerage company’s website. 

High Level of Security 

Service developers apply modern security standards for storing and exchanging data. The brand implements an integrated approach to ensuring information security using the following tools: 

  • Advanced client protection 
  • Additional protection when sending payment messages 
  • Advanced encryption protocols for internet connections 

One way or another, the client data security level fully complies with PCI DSS standards applied to bank cards. 

Comfortable Connection Options 

The site offers new users the to independently choose the most suitable connection option: 

  • Basic integration. A client needs to go to the PayMaster page and make a payment. 
  • Integrated payments. A client replenishes the deposit while staying on a broker’s website. A user needs to provide a phone number and confirm the payment using a one-time SMS code – deposit in 2 clicks. 
  • Branded payment widget. A brokerage company can connect a payment widget within 15 minutes. The widget design can be customized to suit the brokerage website design. 
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