Most Popular Payments in 2021

The number of online payments increased in 2021 sharply. This trend is likely to continue in 2022.

Today we will discuss:

⚪ The most popular payment systems for brokerage

⚪ Criteria of choice

⚪ Key trends in the segment of local and international payment solutions

⚪ How to integrate payments for brokerage quickly and safely

Online Payments: Main Trends 2021-2022

Online payments are services for conducting transactions using data transmission over the network. The advantages of online payment solutions lie in speed, ease, and comfort for a client.

Users can also automate the payment process and deposit with a few clicks using a smartphone or PC. It is enough to fill in the financial data once, and the recipient’s data and the system will save the details for all future transactions.

Online payment systems are an area that attracts multi-million dollar investments and is actively developing. This trend will continue in the coming decade.

Traditional banks have long ceased to be the leading players in the financial services market and have given way to online payments. Therefore, when launching a brokerage, you need to pay special attention to selecting and integrating payment solutions.

Wondering how to increase the conversion of deposits – provide your customers with the maximum number of popular and convenient payment services!

Data security is an equally important trend in 2021. Now services require online customers to use the following authentication tools:

⚪ Password

⚪ Two-factor authentication (2FA)

⚪ Fingerprint device for login

⚪ Face ID

Operators are gradually expanding the authentication procedure to ensure data security, requiring customers to use at least two mandatory elements.

What Are the Requirements for Payment Systems 2021

These are the basic requirements that payment systems must meet in 2021:

⚪ The security of user data

⚪ Speed ​​of operations

⚪ The cost of operations, including withdrawal and deposit of funds

⚪ Convenient interface, availability of a mobile version or application

⚪ Multicurrency is a must for an international brokerage

Most Popular Payment Systems

Now let’s take a look at the most popular payment systems of 2021. Today’s selection of payment systems includes services that have received the greatest recognition among clients of brokerage companies both in the CIS and beyond.


The international multicurrency service WebMoney appeared in Russia in 1999. Currently, the platform is actively used by clients from Ukraine and Russia.

WebMoney enables users to:

⚪ Make a deposit

⚪ Withdraw funds to a card or bank account 24/7

⚪ Exchange currency, etc.

Please note that your clients need a VPN to work with the WebMoney wallet on the territory of Ukraine.

Perfect Money

The payment platform was launched on the Russian market in 2007. The main focus of the system is payment security and confidentiality. The platform is popular in the CIS and allows transactions with euros and US dollars.

Main features:

⚪ A client can create up to 6 different wallets

⚪ There is an affiliate program


The top successful project was created in Tbilisi in 2012. By 2015, the project entered the list of the most popular online payment systems on the RuNet. Today it operates in over 200 countries.

A clear interface and high transaction speed make this payment system universal and convenient for traders of all levels.

Key Features:

⚪ Regulated by FCA

⚪ It has its exchange and affiliate program

⚪ Multicurrency wallet

⚪ Significant limits on operations without user verification


Moneybookers, which was later renamed Skrill, was founded in 2001. Skrill should definitely be on the list of payment solutions if you want to provide brokerage services internationally.

The global payment system is controlled by the FCA and uses advanced anti-fraud technologies. Skrill is used by millions of people across Europe. The service works 24/7 and allows customers to instantly exchange fiat funds for cryptocurrency, deposit or withdraw funds to a bank account.


EasyPay payment system is the Belarusian analog of PayPal. The service quickly became popular both in Ukraine and in Russia. A well-thought-out security system and an intuitive interface have made the payment system an effective tool for online payments. Zero commissions for making deposits will surely be a decisive argument for your clients.


An international payment system that has perfectly established itself as a reliable tool for transferring funds. TransferWise is also about fast and reliable fixed-rate transfers. The service website and mobile application have Russian language support.


QIWI is one of the most famous payment systems for clients of brokerage companies in Russia. The service has been operating since 2007.


⚪ Easy to integrate

⚪ Issues its cards

⚪ Has its payment terminals

⚪ Calculates cashback for online payments


Currently, Sberbank of Russia PJSC manages the money service. The service is in the TOP-5 of the most demanded payment solutions in Russia. However, just like QIWI, the service is prohibited on the territory of Ukraine.

Visa and Mastercard

These are global payment systems. High-speed and secure transfers around the world are carried out by VisaNet and Mastercard, respectively.

The main competitor of these payments is UnionPay – a payment system that serves customers from China and Asian countries.

Integration of Payment Solutions for Forex Brokerage

If you want to integrate the most popular payment systems, you shouldn’t waste your time doing it yourself. Use the experience and qualifications of Profit Center FX – a reliable software integrator company.

From your side, it is enough to choose the most suitable payment systems and contact the professionals from Profit Center FX. Our staff has accumulated over 9 years of experience in developing and integrating specialized software for the brokerage.

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