Free-Kassa Payment System

The system is used to receive online payments from online stores and other commercial structures. The service is used so that suppliers of goods and services can accept customer payments in different currencies and using various payment instruments, including:

  • E-wallets
  • Transfers from bank accounts
  • Payment using bank cards Visa or MasterCard

The advantages of the service are that the platform cooperates not only with legal entities but also with individuals. Free-Kassa is one of the best solutions for owners of brokerage companies, online stores, startups, and other commercial projects that involve accepting payments from clients. The project is excellent for brokerage companies due to free connection and further maintenance.

Currently, the service offers more than 30 different online payment systems and more than 100 popular payment methods. The maximum time required to withdraw funds is 24 hours, and in practice, the transaction takes a matter of minutes. It is noteworthy that Free-Kassa does not limit the amount of a transaction when withdrawing funds.

Key Features

The service offers ample business opportunities and tremendous benefits, including:

  • Detailed setup of mass payments
  • Acceptance and automatic conversion of payments
  • An owner of a brokerage business can connect and use his own crypto wallet
  • Transaction fees depend on the volume and type of transfer
  • Complete history of transactions that are stored in a personal account
  • A wide range of ready-made CMS modules
  • Profitable affiliate program
  • Setting up and activating the payment system within 24 hours


If you are looking for a simple and inexpensive solution, the Free-Kassa payment system is the best option. The platform’s main advantages are fast connection and low commissions, which depend on the transfer volume.

Please note that the service offers over 100 popular payment methods, which is especially beneficial for such businesses as Forex brokers, online stores, commercial projects, startups, etc.

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