Crypto Wallet for Brokerage Business

Crypto wallet is an advanced infrastructure solution for brokerage clients. The software allows users to receive, store and send coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, etc.

Profit Center FX crypto wallet is a reliable and scalable solution. It helps the brokerage attract clients due to:

🟢 The convenience of making cryptocurrency payments

🟢 The possibility of instant and mass withdrawal of funds

No need to reinvent the wheel! Just use ready-made solutions by Profit Center FX!

This way, your customers will benefit from:

📌 User-friendly interface

📌 The ability to buy and sell coins 24/7

📌 Automation of mass withdrawal of funds

Crypto wallet by Profit Center FX runs all operations instantly and without any delays!

Don’t Waste Time Developing Your Own Wallet

The use of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment is becoming an increasingly popular solution. The crypto wallet by Profit Center FX is a multifunctional IT solution that can provide new opportunities for the brokerage to attract clients.

Hits of using the crypto wallet for a brokerage:

✅ Obtaining detailed statistics on user transactions

✅ Access to a wide pool of clients seeking to make money on crypto

✅ Cost optimization

✅ Increasing the level of brand loyalty

More importantly, the crypto wallet by Profit Center FX can be easily integrated with other brokerage software components. As a result, brokers can optimize time and costs for the search and integration of specialized software.

Advanced Crypto Wallet for Forex Brokers

The crypto wallet by Profit Center FX is an effective IT solution that supports the entire life cycle of crypto assets:

1. Crediting funds to a trading account using integrated payment services

2. Automatic conversion of the deposit into the required currency

3. Payment identification

4. Secure withdrawal

The software also allows clients to work with cryptocurrencies safely because of the advanced 2FA protocol. Now any crypto-asset HODLer can become your client.

Key customer benefits:

🟩 Mass withdrawal of digital currency using the wallet server

🟩 The commission is displayed as Fee per KB (commission per kilobyte) and Transaction fee (commission for transaction volume)

🟩 Auto-withdrawal mode – mass withdrawal of funds from all wallets with the option to set the minimum withdrawal amount for each address

🟩 2FA to improve the safety level of the crypto wallet

🟩 Fast and secure crediting of funds to a trading account via built-in payment services

🟩 Automatic conversion of the deposit into the account currency

Wallet Server

The primary function of the wallet server is the mass withdrawal of funds from various accounts. Clients will appreciate this function since, due to the peculiarities of the blockchain operation, there was no possibility of a mass withdrawal of funds from a crypto wallet.

All funds were stored distributed at different addresses linked to a wallet. The wallet server by Profit Center FX quickly solves this issue.

Here’s a good example. A crypto wallet can have a different number of unique blockchain addresses. As a result, the software displays the balance of all addresses linked to the wallet.

Unlike other products, Profit Center FX software automates manual processes and makes the withdrawal process even more comfortable and faster.

While using wallets from third-party developers, a client needs to make at least three transactions to collect the required number of coins available for withdrawal.

From a technical point of view, the process of withdrawing funds using a crypto wallet by Profit Center FX is as follows:

1. Wallet server links to the Node server (where the wallet is installed)

2. The system requests a list of accounts with addresses and balances

3. The total amount becomes available in the wallet panel

4. A user specifies all or certain groups of addresses for withdrawing funds

5. The system automatically analyzes the selected addresses and indicate the available amount for withdrawal

6. The server automatically creates a withdrawal transaction and complete the operation

Suppose the total amount of funds is higher than the amount to be withdrawn. In that case, the server will automatically return the difference to the address specified on the server in advance.

Looking for a trusted crypto wallet to capture more clients and to boost conversion? Easy to install, user-friendly interface, and mass withdrawal function – grab it all in one place! Opt for the wallet by Profit Center FX.

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