CRM: Automate Your Work Flow with Forex Clients

CRM for Forex business is a software solution aimed at coordinating and strengthening customer relationships.

CRM is used for:

◻ Interaction of the sales department with hot and cold leads

◻ processing lead data obtained during lead generation

◻ export and import of data for marketing campaigns

◻ checking outgoing and incoming call records

◻ appointment of responsible employees to interact with clients

◻ management of access rights for employees, teams, offices, and so on.

What to Consider When Choosing a CRM?

The choice of specialized software requires an accurate understanding of the functions and capabilities of a CRM. Meanwhile, the system should meet both the current and future challenges of a brokerage.

Profit Center FX recommends choosing software that entirely considers the specifics of the brokerage business. Opt for the one that can make the processes of interaction with clients as efficient as possible.

General-purpose CRMs are unlikely to solve the full range of issues associated with the administration of internal brokerage processes.

A brokerage can choose cloud-based and desktop versions depending on a company’s objectives.

When choosing a CRM system for a brokerage business, it is recommended to draw up a checklist taking into account the goals and specifics of the company.

Thus, you can better understand how a particular CRM can make your business even more efficient. Pay attention to those products that can be integrated with other components of the brokerage software, including:

◻ Back-office

◻ Trading platform

◻ Client’s office and so on

CRM Customization: Meeting the Clients Requirements

The proper CRM setup allows a brokerage to take into account the needs of customers fully. Therefore, preference should be given to those IT solutions created by development studios that specialize in brokerage software only.

In this case, a company can count on periodic software updates to meet the needs of the brokerage business.

CRM: The Leading Brokerage Software

The software solution is a product designed exclusively for the needs of:

◻ Forex brokerage

◻ Dealing centers

◻ CFDs

◻ Financial companies

CRM is integrated by Profit Center FX – an experienced software integrator. Note, in addition to installing the software, the integrator offers round-the-clock technical support.

CRM is aimed at automating all customer interaction processes. By installing the software, you can instantly establish and coordinate all internal operations between different departments.

More importantly, the IT solution can increase the conversion by an average of 67%!

All this became possible because of the robust functionality and detailed software settings for the needs of Forex brokers.

24/7 Control Over Deposits Processing

Besides integrating with countless payment methods, the CRM also allows you to generate detailed reports on all transactions. You will always be aware of failed depositing attempts. As a result, sales managers will contact clients in time and convince them to deposit funds.

Processing Lead Data

The system generates detailed reports that include:

◻ Contact information

◻ Deposit dates

◻ Trading history

In addition, each employee receives individual access rights and can instantly find customer data using internal filters.

Unique Functionality

The CRM allows you to contact customers via IP telephony and send SMS. These functions can be used not only for timely communication with a user. Brokerage can use it for the effective running of marketing campaigns.

Access Level Management

CRM administrators can assign access levels for company departments or individually for each employee. A department head can also restrict employees’ access to users’ data or impose a mask to hide specific fields in the tables.

Safety and Reliability

Flexibility in setting various security parameters is one of the essential advantages of CRM.

The system administrator can:

◻ Monitor when employees are logged in

◻ See which device was used for logging in

◻ Block a device for login if it is not in the list of trusted ones

◻ Activate 2FA (two-factor authentication) for logging into CRM

Increase Conversion

CRM helps improve sales performance and motivates customers to fund their accounts on time. All this became possible due to the easy access to users’ personal and trade data.


A specialized CRM for a brokerage aims to build strong and effective relationships with clients and helps increase the conversion of deposits.

CRM is powerful software that performs a wide range of tasks, including:

◻ Automation of customer relationships

◻ Reducing the time for processing leads

◻ Checking the workload of employees

◻ Control of lead processing

◻ Administration of communication between a manager and a client

◻ Getting instant access to lead data using various filters

◻Setting up access levels for each employee, team, or office

◻ Prevention of unauthorized data export and so on

Looking to improve your sales force and increase your deposit conversion rates? Contact Profit Center FX right away!

We are ready to integrate CRM for brokerage and financial companies offering Forex trading services in the shortest possible time.

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